About Us

Lead & Manage Consulting was established in 2008 to enable our clients achieve measurable results in what they do. We provide strategic, substantial and pragmatic advisory services to private,  public and development sectors of our economy. We utilise our deep industry knowledge, valuable experience and analytical skills to  provide solutions to our clients that meet their needs and help to solve their operational challenges. Our customized solutions are professionally packaged, the result of intensive interactions, research and analysis of our clients’ needs.
Our greatest strength is our people both in house and the network of associates who collectively provide us with unrivalled professional superiority in implementing assignments in the areas of health, education, agriculture, economics, finance, business management, marketing, risk management, monitoring and evaluation. Our team is dynamic, out of the box thinking, and has the necessary knowledge, expertise, business acumen and drive to deliver services that not only satisfy, but also exceed the expectations of our clients.