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Welcome to Lead and Manage Consulting

Lead and Manage Consulting was established in 2008 to enable our clients achieve measurable results in what they do. We provide strategic, substantial and pragmatic advisory services to private,  public and development sectors of our economy. We utilise our deep industry knowledge, valuable experience and analytical skills to  provide solutions to our clients that meet their needs and help to solve their operational challenges. Our customized solutions are professionally packaged, the result of intensive interactions, research and analysis of our clients’ needs.


Our size does it matter?

  • We take time to get to know our clients and their needs, and give each job assigned to us all the attention it deserves in order to ensure that they (our clients) get the real value for their investment.

  • We are inspired by the resolute determination found in ants which enable them to carry loads several times bigger than their size – for us this unwavering determination to succeed gives us the competitive advantage over  competition.

  • We have been marveled by some prey who have put in all they have to take a firm stand and challenge their predator – we at Lead & Manage Consulting have developed a culture of questioning and challenging the  ‘this is how things are done syndrome’.

  • We do not have the bureaucratic policies, hence are able to quickly reach on decisions that are beneficial to you our clients.

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